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Parmesan Wings - August 25, 2005
My husband and I agreed that this recipe is not for chicken wings but could be used instead for chicken fingers in a pasta dish. We could not taste the parmesan and th...
Mahogany Wings 02 - January 18, 2004
I found this same recipe years ago in a Bon Appetit' cookbook. Superb taste!!!
Chinese Wings 02 - August 25, 2005
This recipe was very tasty and was easy to prepare. I really enjoy the honey flavour and one could really taste it. I added a little extra garlic because my family lo...

LOCATION: Recipes >> Chicken Wings

Chicken WingsThe Chicken Wing is a most delicious part of the chicken and needs no introduction here.

But how has the chicken wing become a part of the American culture?

Chicken wings that have been baked or fried and coated with a signature spicy hot sauce and served with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks have become known all over the world as Buffalo Wings. They have nothing to do with a buffalo but have a lot to do with a restaurant in Buffalo, New York, called the Anchor Bar.

They are a tribute to American ingenuity. They use a part of the chicken that was often used for chicken soup or thrown away. They are a tribute also to the "serendipity" that is also a part of our heritage, in that the dish seems to have not been planned but just sort of happened, like lots of things we have in American culture. Although like most dishes there is some question over its true origin, this story is for the most part undisputed. Theresa Bellisimo seems to have stumbled upon this combination quite by accident.

Read more about the origin of this dish here

How does a dish like this become a part of so many menus and have the kind of appeal that would lead a major pizza chain, Dominoes, to put them on their menu? In many homes the Superbowl munchies would be incomplete now without these wings. Are they really that good? Well maybe you should find out. They are the kind of dish that you make up and people go WOW these are dang good! They are not pretty or artsy or chic ...they are just very good and have a delicious combination of flavors that induce people to order them over and over.

Part of the celebration of this dish is that a family has trademarked it, marketed the sauce, and made their restaurant a place that celebrities want to visit when they come through Buffalo. This is an example of the American dream, part of what this country was built on. I know there is a desire for gain mixed in with the commercialization of almost anything, but often that is how a good thing like a recipe gets spread amongst us.

Now you want to order some of that special Wing sauce that has that trick flavor? Or do you want to express your Yankee do-it-yourself tradition and try the reasonable copycat version that reveals what is so special about the sauce? To order the sauce from the Anchor Bar go here

Just remember when you serve these you are displaying the country's colors with red chicken, and the white and blue that the blue cheese dressing represents. (Perhaps here we should give credit to the French, for inventing Bleu Cheese, and to the Spanish-Americans for the Tabasco sauce! Another great example of our multi-cultured country!)

This is a good hands-on meal and one that is truly satisfying. Enjoy these "Wings of the free" as you watch a ball game or share good conversation ...and give a toast to democracy and the American dream!

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